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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Aug 24 04:22:03 EDT 2001

jim rose writes:
> i give audi huge credit for that. i guess im jsut a sucker for the badass 
> underdog, and audi just isnt anymore. oh well.

Indeed, but many of my friends and colleagues have "converted" from
other marques to Audi and they are themselves becoming Audi fans, speaks
volumes about the progress Audi has made.  These are incredible cars,
and despite the increased sales, they have lost none of the soul.  When
I drive my neu-S4 I bask in just as much Audi-ness as any other.  It
makes me feel very good that Audi had persevered through the hard times
of the late 80s and early 90s, and turned around brilliantly.  It is almost
as if we, as loyal Audi fans, are witnessing a fruit of our own enthusiasm.

> and to all the s4 rockers out there...  your cars are the baddest and we all 
> know it. so smile when you shift for me.

I'll keep that in mind, all 6 speeds! :-)

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