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Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Fri Aug 24 12:48:05 EDT 2001

lets see ... Yes I think we have chatted.. that is to say if you were the
one who fixed your wastegate bladder with a bicycle innertube.. I had a
coupe quattro for sale a year ago.. (with all the goodies) It was too much
of a racer (noisy, harsh ride ) for you at the time.. i suggested you go
save your pennies and get a used S4.. I am down to one Audi at this time...
a 96 A6 avant.. pearl white with 15 inch A4 8spoke wheels... I have had it
for almost 2 months now and although i love the car I am trying to sell it..
we have a baby comming and we are trying to put an addition on the house
with a miniscule budget.. (and I really mean Miniscule)  I hope that we are
able to keep the car, but I may have to sell it quickly (which aint easy in
this market) and get a 4000 quattro or something like that for a while..
You know I may have to deal with not having ANY Audi for a little while..
The thought of it just makes me cringe.. considering that I bought the Audi
Hospitality package for the upcomming race at Laguna Seca (ALMS).. Ill be
hangin with the drivers.. eating thier food.. drinking thier sodas.. and
driving to the race in a freaking SUV!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh  (well its not that
bad.. I love my old Range Rover...1988 250 thousand miles.. just chugs along
...slowmaster muffler and the 3.5Litre 3.9 cam .. Looking at some real off
road tires)  Alas I digress..  Anyway ... just the thought of not having ANY
audi is really disturbing... Id hock any one of my two rovers... if anyone
was interested though...(tried that first.. still trying..)
Hopefully I can find a sucker to pay too much for my 96 rover then I wont be
stuck in this mess.....

Dan Hamren

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> dan,
> do you drive a 94 or so s4? i think we may have met and chatted audi at
> point. your name sounds really familiar....
> jim
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> >Steve B said this>>><sniP>
> >  I've been thinking of the A6 2.7T 6-speed myself....<snip>

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