[ba] Re: sticker shock

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 04:43:15 EDT 2001

ooh. i have the original sticker for my 88 5kcstq, which has a big number of 
37 or 8 grand on it. it gives ME sticker shock 13 years down the line.

although, it still runs like a CHAMP and i love it dearly, and it does have 
240k on it. i guess it doesn't really owe anyone anyhing : )

i marvel at how far ahead of its time it was. i might go SO far out on a 
limb as to make a case for the older cars being a better relative value 
(this is THIN here, so watch out...)  just because there was soo little else 
like it at the time. i good friend has an 88 535is, and it is a beautiful 
car, but seems 10 years older than my audi when you side by side them (okay, 
maybe 5 years...). right down to the ergonomics and ride quality. audi 
really seems to have been trying to build the space shuttle with volkswagen 
parts, and i have to give them a lot of credit for being so gutsy.  same 
with the new cars really. who the hell else would be nuts enuff to throw 
twin turbo's in a WAGON!?!?!  (i DO wish bmw would build M wagons)

i also think that IF audi hadnt goten so far ahead of themselves, there cars 
may have been a lot more reliable, and as such, we'd all have a WHOLE lot 
less to talk about.

and that would be no fun at all.


> > How is that a bad side? I paid 40K for a car, it better hold SOME value 
>... for better or worse there are a lot of folks who paid that same 
>to buy Audi 5000/200 turbo quattros ... even the urquattro was $35K in the
>early '80s.  Those folks took quite a bath ...

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