[ba] JITT. see explanation =)

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Aug 31 15:42:03 EDT 2001

Funny, this is a subject that I was discussing off line with an urq owner
... he was saying that having a replacement turbo sitting on the shelf
insures that the part in the car will continue to work properly.  Here we
have evidence with tires that the opposite is true ... when the replacement
arrives, the part on the car fails ... :-)

It is great to hear that everything worked out for you Kevyn!  I don't know
if it is practical for the S4 Avant, but I usually try to find a full size
spare for my cars that came with the doughnuts.  Unfortunately it is pretty
tough to find single wheels ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... ALMS Laguna Seca is a little more than a week away ... 
> Yesterday, coming home from Northbay,I get a flat on my S4's 
> left rear tire,
> I expected it, they are fairly toast from my 'exploring' the 
> capabilities of
> my S4.
> Just didn't expect it so soon.
> Put on the silly little doughnut, and grumble that Audi puts 
> real spares on
> the sedan, but not the wagon, and come to the conclusion that 
> the spares
> lame 50 mile restriction, won't get me anywhere near home, and every
> shop on the planet that I called, is out of P6000 225/45R17s...
> The amusing part is, 2 days before I had called Tire Rack and ordered
> a set of P6000s, so as I'm sitting there grumbling, my cell 
> phone rings,
> and it's the tire shop saying, your P6000s just came in. =)
> Heh.  SO....new term JITT. Just In Time Tires. You get a 
> flat, tire shows
> up that day =)
> Kevyn
> 01 S4 Avant.

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