[ba] JITT. see explanation =)

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 18:58:06 EDT 2001

fyi on the tire tip, boys n girls.....

i just had a NASTY nail puncture patched on one of my dunlops (rolling the 
tire/wheel, OFF the car, while doing my brakes, in my ratty apartment 
garage. grrrr...) by Schaeffer Auto/Goodyear in burlingame on california 
between burlingame ave + broadway - closer to burlingame ave.

they were nice, seem to be mainly a wheel and tire joint, and fixed it in an 
hour for 20$. it was much less painless than i expected.

if you needed a backup shop, Kev...


I'm taking them elsewhere, as I'm
>not willing to wait until Tuesday to get them installed.

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