[ba] black v8 ripping up 101 n in burlingame last night....

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Wed Dec 5 01:13:24 EST 2001

... I just read this note on the V8 list ... and after the earlier post here
I thought I'd pass it along.  I guess there was more than one V8 pilot
flying low ... :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Just returned to Yuma from "Over the Hill" in San Diego.

1.  I love my car.  I remember dreaming about the V8's at the turn of the
90's, never really thinking I would own one...to think I have one of the
elusive 5-speed 1991 V8's resting in her slot in my garage :-)

The 175 miles from Yuma to San Diego is an interesting drive...about 90
miles of straight desert, then racing about 10 curvy miles up the eastern
face of the Laguna Mountains, about 40 miles once on top, then work your way
down to into the heart of San Diego.  Lots of high speed cruising, high
speed curves, then top it off by purring into the city watching people stare
at my car...

2.  Purchased the Glove Box Light "assembly" from Metro Audi in San Diego
for $33.  There was enough slack in the electrical cord to get needle nose
pliers in to get the connections separated.  Hooked the new one up and
snapped her in.  Done.  If only HALF of the fixes were that simple...

3.  Metro Audi Service Advisor said I was the second V8'er to ask about the
Bose Speaker issue, and he still has no "official word" on the recall.

While I was abeam the new Golden Acorn Casino on Interstate 8, just west of
Jacumba, cruising at 90-95, had an A4 work his way up behind me doing right
about 100.  Thought I would show him how to take the downhill portion of the
face of the Laguna's as we were going eastbound.  I have driven this road
more times than I can count and know exactly each and every one of the
downhill curve's allowable entry speeds for light/no traffic, good road
conditions, and my trusty Beast.  He hung in there for the first few curves
but then came the first real test.  A huge right hand sweeper arcing through
180 degrees, of which you can see all the way around to the exit as it is
greatly downhill.  110 provides some pretty nice 4 wheel drift to the
experienced Quattro pilot.  I don't think he had taken a corner that fast
before, or it didn't feel right, or both...as he dropped back like he had
thrown out an anchor.  Once we got off the decline, it is open as you
approach El Centro from the west.  We were clicking along together right at
100.  Very nice torque area for 4th gear in my 5-speed.  Thought I would see
If he could hang with me up to his 130 limit (assuming no ECU mods.).  I
executed a textbook downshift to 4th and proceeded up to another textbook
shift to 5th that equated to about 120 and kept on rocketing.  He didn't do
too well right from the start but hung in there respectably.  In light of
this, and no traffic, and a straight stretch where he could see for a while,
I thought I would keep her wide open for a while to ensure he would cry
himself to sleep tonight.  I knocked on 150's door, she let me in, and I
hung there for a good ten count - listening to the air scream through the
K&N -before easing off to let him catch up.  Once we were back down at a
respectable desert trek pace, he came along side and gave me the most
genuine, and respectful, "Thumbs up" I have seen in a while.

And my wife wonders why I caress my car when I pass her by to man up the
Town & Country for a family outing ;-)

Good night,


Major Joseph "Dino" Murphy
Pilot: AV-8B Harrier II [His]
1991 Audi V8 5-speed (Pearl/Black) [His]
1982 Honda CB900F SuperSport [His]
2001 Chrysler Town & Country LXI [Hers]
Marine Corps Air Station: Yuma, Arizona

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