[ba] Re: audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt (AND a random shock question)

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 17:52:03 EST 2001

what does "zehnter tahrestag" mean?

my german is rusty.

the shirt's pretty rad, tho the aforementioned script looks goofy... imo.

btw - does anybody know what size allen wrench works in he top shock nut of
an 88 5k? hows THAT for a specific questions. i think its 7mm, which of
course NO ONE (ace, sears, osh, etc etc) carries.

love this rain! (no, i mean it!)


>From: "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com>
>To: "'ba-audifans'" <ba-group at audifans.com>
>Subject: [ba] FW: request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary
>Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:56:36 -0800
>It appears that Dan did not post the notice here.  I suspect that most
>people here have already heard the news, but just in case ...
>If any of you have any feedback on this, please be sure to copy it to Dan
>Simoes ... e-mail address below ...
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Dan Simoes [mailto:dans at audifans.com]
> > Subject: [V8] request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt
> >
> > A final proposed design is at:
> >
> > http://members.rennlist.com/rennwagen/af_shirt2.jpg
> >
> > Please get back to me with any comments.  Assume the following:
> >
> > - the shirt will be long sleeve, of high quality cotton, much like the
> > Mt.Washington shirts
> > - the shirt will cost somewhere around $20, final price yet TBD
> >
> > I will do my best to get pricing out asap, but apparently my
> > wife wants
> > to have another baby sometime in the next day or two, so I
> > may be a bit
> > tied up :)
> >
> > How would people feel about a commercial sponsor or two, with a small
> > logo somewhere on the shirt?  This would help offset costs and maybe
> > bring the price down too.  I'm concerned that it may compromise the
> > design though.
> >
> > My goal is to have most transactions handled by paypal, so that we can
> > collect enough pre-orders to at least cover the production costs, so
> > there is limited danger.
> >
> > It's possible that I could also do these in batches, say 20-30 at a
> > time, and they could be sold on an ongoing basis.  I would probably
> > prefer a one-shot deal for the 10th anniversary shirt, and we can look
> > at other items (tshirts, baseball caps, etc) in the near future.
> >
> > Profits will be used to offset production costs as well as my ongoing
> > list costs.  Anyone uncomfortable with that should let me know as part
> > of his order where he would like any profits to be donated
> > to.  I can't
> > promise to be able to match your wish exactly, but if 50 people want
> > money donated to the Red Cross for example, that's easy to accomplish.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > | Dan |
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