[ba] RE: audifans.com 10th anniversary shirt (AND a random shock quest ion)

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Dec 6 18:14:02 EST 2001

... the text actually reads "zehnter jahrestag" ... which means "10th
Anniversary" ... don't know where I got the "20th" in my original note!

As to the size of the hex key ... I'm pretty sure it is the standard 6mm,
but it may well be 7mm ... or even 8mm.  I've gotten the 7mm wrench in
several sets ... Sears Crapsman and Bondhus ball-tipped (recommended).  The
OSH close to my house seems to have a really good selection of individual
metric keys, so you may just want to call around to several nearby stores to
see if you can find one ... assuming that in fact you need to find a 7mm of

I've got to say that the Audis seem to be quite a bit more consistent as to
using common sizes as compared to my experience on the Beemer ... of course
with the Beemer came a tool set that had all of the required Allen wrenches!

... as to the rain ... yes, in general it has been great when I can drive, I
even had a bit of fun in my BiL's pickup taking the Christmas Tree home on
Saturday.  I've got to say that since I am more or less forced to ride my
motorcycle now I can do without the rain at commute times ... last night I
almost got taken out two different times in rapid succession by two stupid
people who either didn't see me or couldn't figure out where the lines on
the road were.  ABS on a motorcycle is good, but when you happen to hit a
slick spot on the road it means that you can't stop!  Yah-hooo!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> what does "zehnter tahrestag" mean?
> my german is rusty.
> the shirt's pretty rad, tho the aforementioned script looks
> goofy... imo.
> btw - does anybody know what size allen wrench works in he
> top shock nut of
> an 88 5k? hows THAT for a specific questions. i think its
> 7mm, which of
> course NO ONE (ace, sears, osh, etc etc) carries.
> love this rain! (no, i mean it!)

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