[ba] seeking winter tire (tahoe) reccomendation from locals....

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:46:40 EST 2001

hey boys n girls...

so ive been trying to decide on a set of tires for the tahoe commute - 99.9
% dry highway with that .1% being VERY hairy and deep  rain/snow/ with awful
road conditions. anyone have somehting they've tried that works/doesnt work?

i don't want to spend 600$ on snow tires (the nokian nrw's would be a first
chouce, but WOW are they pricey)
and wonder if you all have a good, more budget-minded recc. for a winter
tire. the artic alipns dont seem to do a very good job in deep snow...

id prefer 1st hand exp, ive done about all the empirical research that can
be done =)


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