[ba] seeking winter tire (tahoe) reccomendation from locals....

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 20:51:23 EST 2001

I used to try and run an all-season tire year round,
but found that compromised both dry and snow
performance, so now I run a full-on snow tire in
the winter on my 2K S4- Pilot Alpins.  (I don't
remember what the difference is between these and
the Arctic Alpins).  These are expensive, but..

I am quite happy with them both in the snow at Tahoe
and here on the flatlands.  They are a little
squishier than the summer tires  on dry roads, but
still do OK.  On snow and ice they are very good.  I
was at Tahoe 2 weeks ago during the big storms and
they performed great on some very scary ice driving
over Donner summit, and slogged through deep snow and
slush around the lake just great.  Didn't help at
all with the zero visibility though ;->
Matt Rooke

--- jim rose <sf5ktq at hotmail.com> wrote:
> hey boys n girls...
> so ive been trying to decide on a set of tires for
> the tahoe commute - 99.9
> % dry highway with that .1% being VERY hairy and
> deep  rain/snow/ with awful
> road conditions. anyone have somehting they've tried
> that works/doesnt work?
> i don't want to spend 600$ on snow tires (the nokian
> nrw's would be a first
> chouce, but WOW are they pricey)
> and wonder if you all have a good, more
> budget-minded recc. for a winter
> tire. the artic alipns dont seem to do a very good
> job in deep snow...
> id prefer 1st hand exp, ive done about all the
> empirical research that can
> be done =)
> thanks!
> jim
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