[ba] Fine German Engineering! =)

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at mac.com
Sat Dec 15 23:57:01 EST 2001

Well, yesterday I got into my first fender bender in my baby.

The good news, ZERO damage to my S4, however ... =)
when the 92 Paseo and me tried to occupy the same lane at the
same time, she got a crushed in front left quarter panel. Go figure.
Impact point on my car was forward of the front tire on the side.

I took it to the shop, they looked at it, and actually laughed at me
asking where exactly did you get hit? So I showed them and they
pulled some panels off the inside of the wheel well, and low and
behold nothing. There is only minor scratches on the bodywork,
which buffed out, and now you can't even find them.

My insurance guy couldn't believe it, seeing as how the Paseo has
about 900$ worth of damage to it. Very visible damage.

I thank the car gods, that we hit 'just right' from my point of view!

yaaaaay! =)


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