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Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 12:52:02 EST 2001

Kristin my fiancé just went through that with her 4ksq.  I also was under
the impression it was really hard.  PIECE of CAKE.  It was more time
consuming for her to get her license then it was to get the car registered.

The process involved going to the DMV with a smog report that can be
obtained from any smog check approved gas station in CA.  I went through her
car top to bottom just before it went in.

The car passed with flying colors.  Even with a 2.5" exhaust (not that it
changes emissions).  What is mean is, it has some mods.  I guess those are
not a problem as long as ALL OE smog devices are on the car.

I put a new cat and O2 sensor on her car before it was tested.  The car
needed those anyway.  Cost her about $60 for the smog/safety check, plus
licensing fees at the DMV.  As long as your sisters car is in good health
and has all the OE smog devices, it should do just fine.

But, I would find a reputable shop.  I have heard rumors of shops finding
"problems" with your car just so they can fix it.  They try to entice you to
have it fixed there by saying if you do, they will do the second smog test
for free.


Shayne P.

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> My sister may be trying to enroll in vet school in CA when she returns
> from her assignment in the Peace Corps.  I'm not sure if it makes sense
> to get her a car here in NY and have her drive across the country, or
> just get the car out there.
> I know the cars have to be CA approved as far as emissions, but what
> about smog testing, etc?  I seem to recall a few listers telling me it
> was very difficult to bring in a new out-of-state car, at least a few
> years ago.
> Can someone enlighten me?  The CA DMV web pages were not terribly
> helpful.
> Thanks.
> | Dan |

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