[ba] Comments on 19 year old 5 cylinder bottom end?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Sun Dec 30 18:47:06 EST 2001

Bullocks...your bottom end is not much different than the 315hp RS2, it can
easily handle twice the power it was required to when new.  Unless you plan
on pushing more than 300hp through it, you have no worries assuming you have
good compression and oiling.


In a message dated 12/30/2001 3:36:47 PM Pacific Standard Time,
audion at serversmiths.com writes:

 I asked the mechanic I sometimes use about doing a valve job and his comment
 was that he would be concerned that the bottom wouldn't like the extra power
 coming back (I'm guessing 20 HP back up close to the stock figure).

 He's a cracker-jack Porsche guy but only works on my Coupe because he used
 to work on my Volks aircooled motor. He doesn't have that much Audi

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