[ba] 1972 Super 90 coupe restoration

Audirod at aol.com Audirod at aol.com
Wed Feb 7 21:57:04 EST 2001

Hello Bay Area Group.
I have not loged on in a long time.  This is Rod Michaelson.  Some of you 
that went to the Historics with Auto Union a year and a half ago might 
remember me as part of the corral committee.  1987 5000 cs turbo quattro 
wagon, 1995 90 quattro sport, 1987 4000cs and 1991 90cs.
Anyway, now on e-bay I ended up bidding and winning a 1972 Super 90 coupe.
It is up in the Seattle area now and I will be bringing it down in a couple 
Keep your eyes out for old F103 series (as that body style was called) for 
tail light assemblies and a rear window.
The '72 was the last year of the F103 series, so now I own one of the first 
90s and one of the last in the '95.
It isn't a 100ls coupe but it should be fun.
Talk soon
Rod Michaelson
Walnut Creek
Audirod at aol.com 
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