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Regardless of rarity, anybody who will pay over 1/2 of the requested price
is "overdoing it".  Even 7K is too much! A car that is so run down ought to
be sold at a bargin price.

As for the owner I doubt that he is a serious Audi type! With a shape like

BTW you can get a very good paint job locally (Orange county) for under a
Take care,

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This car has been for sale for a couple of weeks now; also listed in
Autotrader.  I went and drove it for about 20 minutes and had my
Porsche/Audi mechanic inspect the vehicle; I can fax this report to anybody
that is interested if they want to check out buying it from Tom, the owner.

Tom knows of the rarity of this vehicle; he is an enthusiast.  The car was
first offered at 11.5; I offered 10 contingent on inspection and he
countered with 10.5.

Most importantly, this car needs shocks all the way around; the timing belt,
water pump, and major service need to be done (120k service).  The paint on
the hood is awful; big splotches.  The drivers seat heater does not
function.  More than a few dings on the side panels; I would want to paint
the car.  I threw in a paint/body estimate of 4k (low end of cost for good
paint).  My mechanic said there is some fluid coming out of the output shaft
of the clutch so, considering that the car is ten years old and has the
original clutch it's a safe bet a new clutch is in order soon; another 1200
at the mechanic.  The sliding panel that covers the rear floor of the wagon
is missing; the panel at the rear of the car (hangs from the roof just in
front of the wagon gate with a little courtesy light in the middle of it) is
loose and needs attention.  At least two of the original wheels are scuffed.

A lot of hydraulic work (all the hoses and a pump) was recently done, yes.
And, owner recently installed Nakamichi CD35 receiver head unit wired into
stock speakers.  The motor is strong and it drives straight. The steering
felt pretty good albeit overboosted but that is characteristic of the car,
right?  Boost on the stock gauge showed 1.8.  I cannot verify the presence
of the chip; it is very fast, no doubt about that.  My 1991 911 does not
feel a whole lot faster up to 80.  Needs new front brakes pretty soon (maybe
30% left per mechanic; rotors need renewal, too at that time), too.

When I added it all up (inc euro lights, bilsteins, wheels) I am in the 17
region with a 7k purchase price; I passed further discussion as my offer at
that range was rejected out of hand.  If all these things are done to this
car it will be a very nice automobile.  The paint is what killed it for me.


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> Upon request I am forwarding the following info ... which I gather was
> simply an ad that someone spied in the SF Chronicle ... since '91 200q
> Avants are a fairly rare breed I thought I would pass it along.  I have no
> interest in the sale of the vehicle, and if any of you are interested it
> probably best if you contacted the seller directly at the number you will
> see below ...
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> > >
> > > Don't know if you saw this in the Chron, but here goes.
> > >>
> > >> 1991 200 20V Wagon. 115,000, Tap Chip, Stock BBS 15x7.5 wheels with
> > > new
> > >> Michelin 225x60x15. Dark Gray paint with light gray leather. Unk on
> > >> sport seats or UFO Brakes. Upgraded radio with CD player. New Hyd.
> > > pump
> > >> and hoses. Timing belt at 89K. Needs front struts. 2nd Owner, lives
> > >> between Bodega and Occidental. Name is Tom (707 874-1381). Asking
> > >> $10.5K, seems real soft. Has no idea how rare the car is, going
> > > strictly
> > >> by the KBB.
> > >
> >
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