[ba] Tech help

Jeff Hemmerlin jhemmerlin at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 13:13:37 EST 2001


I have almost completed my 4kq turbo conversion.  I
drove it to work today for the first time.  It ran
great except for the tach.  I am pulling the tach
signal from the Mac-11 ecu.  At 3000 RPM the tach goes
down to zero.  Then when the engine RPM's drop below
3000 it pops back up.  The ECU does not show any codes
blinks 4444.  The output tests actuated all of the
appropriate solenoids.  Any input is appriciated.  I
would like to get this solved before putting the dash
back together.


Jeff Hemmerlin
84 4kqt  1986 MC motor
95 S6

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