[ba] Laguna Seca ... 3/1-2

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed Feb 21 20:31:03 EST 2001

Well, next week from Thursday morning through Friday evening the Audis will
be negotiating Laguna Seca's wonderful track once again en masse for the
inaugural QCUSA Drivers School & Safety Seminar.  I don't know how many
folks are actually signed up for the event, but I would imagine that there
will be a lot of folks like me who didn't sign up but may be contemplating
going down to the track to watch anyway.  I just wanted to pass along the
fact that I am planning to visit the track on Friday to hang around and
check things out ... perhaps see if I can bum a ride with an instructor ;)
I'm sure that we can keep things pretty loose, but if there are any other
"wannabees" who will be down there on Friday (or Thursday for that matter)
speak up and maybe we can make an effort to do something together.  I'll
probably have Natalie and the wife along and we'll probably pop over to the
Aquarium in the afternoon (I hope that I can get them up in time for the
track walk!) ... 

You will find a copy of the tentative schedule on the main QCUSA page
(http://www.quattroclubusa.org) if you are interested ... 

See you there!
Steve Buchholz 

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