[ba] Bay Area Lunch 7/26: Thurs

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Wed Jul 25 18:48:15 EDT 2001

At 01:44 PM 7/25/01 , you wrote:
>Hey all!
>just got back from europe last night, and boy am i lagged out. 11 hours is 
>WAY too long to spend sitting still. Fortunately i had plenty of rockin 
>euro car mags to keep me company. i couldnt read the text but pix are, as 
>they say woth many words :)
>I also wanted to say i can for sure come down to the get together 
>tomorrow. can i get a more specific locatiion of the fosters freeze? how 
>far down 237 from 880? thanx! look forward to meeting people!
>(hopefully ill have mt pix back by then - 2 different Rs4's spyed+shot in 
>france and praga!)

Hi Jim,

Thursday's lunch will be at the Foster's Freeze in Milpitas.  The address 
is 78 Serra Way.  To get there take 880 South to 237 East (aka Calaveras 
Blvd.)  Stay on the right side and go just past S. Abel street.  Don't take 
the road to the left or you'll miss it entirely.  The place will be on your 
right.  Meeting will be around 12-1 PM.  I'll probably be there first, look 
for my white CGT.  Unfortunately, after spending a couple of weekends 
re-wiring the urq, I took her out for a drive and discovered my brake 
proportion valve is leaking pretty bad.  I'll pull the ecu from my 5kcstq 
and you can try it out and see if you like it.


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