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jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 6 17:46:09 EDT 2001

thanks steve,

i remember your name from a while ago, actually - i was considering selling 
my bbs's and you expressed interest. then my clutch blew up....

>Welcome aboard Jim!  If you check the list archives you'll see that things
>are pretty quiet here.  I would love to see that change, but I don't know
>what it takes!

i noticed it's pretty quiet. typical californians ;)  what you need is a fun 
n rowdy EAST COASTer  to liven things up a bit...

seriously, its a pretty time consuming hobby just staying on top of the big 
list. i dont know how some of thes epeople find time to subscribe to 3 or 4 
lists ?!?!

if not, i at least look forward to a little racin' at speedring. And you 
know, it IS getting to be barbeque season. fire and murder! yum!

 >... well, I usually commute on 2 wheels, so if you see someone on a big 
>BMW, wearing a blue and grey leather jacket checking you out as he rides by
>it was me ... :-)

smart by you. an mc is my next purchase (not the motor. i already have one 
of those). i get 3 shades of green watching bikes roll by as i SIT in my 
big, stupid car (that i love).

>... the way things are going, it was probably Tony Lum ... ;-)

that name rings a bell - ive chatted with tony thru the qlist.

2 others ive seen recently are a black 91 200 with a "2 bennett" sticker on 
it, and a REALLY nice pearl 91 200 (i think) with a6 4.2 wheels on it.

have a good un,

jim "bored at work" rose
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