[ba] Ouch

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 15:49:06 EDT 2001

THAT ROCKS!!  nothin like RIPPING in a wagon. thats SO cool it hurts.

it makes me think of the old volvo turbo wagon ad with the lamborghini with 
a uhaul trailer behind it, next to a 740 tw. the ad said "roughly the same 
idea" :)

the biturbo is SUCH a 911 with a trailer.

rock on...

"keep the revs up+the rubber side down..."

>Thanks very much!
>I've been testing it out on these nice twisty mountain roads, and you 
>see the looks I get when I fling it through these corners marked 35 at much
>higher speeds=)
>I had some motorcycle guy stop me at a light 5 miles down the road, and say
>"What the f*** kind of station wagon IS that?!?!" hehehehhe =)
>on 6/11/01 11:42 AM, jim rose at sf5ktq at hotmail.com wrote:
> > hmmm...  probably not dimensinally the same as my I-5. chances are good 
> > oil pan would not fit.
> >
> > perhaps the old s4 uses an aluminum pan that might work as an upgrade  
> > the mc motor?
> >
> > btw, kevyn.. SWEET ride :)
> >
> > jim
> >

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