[ba] Hey!

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 13 18:08:32 EDT 2001

WHASSUP, newguy?

i'm doin great. i was just informed by the mighty qlist that i DID, in fact, 
install my boost gauge properly and my mechanic, not me, is nuts :)

if i see it/you, ill for sure honk/wave/flash. but i wont get mad if i dont 
hear anything back.

im the guy in the pearl, badgeless, 88 5000QT with a german plate up front 
and blacked-out taillights.


>From: "Kenneth Sztorc" <kenneth.sztorc at vidtek.com>
>To: <ba-group at audifans.com>
>Subject: [ba] Hey!
>Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:11:45 -0700
>hey, hows everyone doin, im new guy =)
>i live in san jose, and i own a beige audi 4000, anyone seen me?
>anyways just wanted to say hi, if you see me honk, but don't be mad if i 
>don't honk back my horn doesnt work =P

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