[ba] Corral at Sears Point ALMS race

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jun 28 08:13:07 EDT 2001

Steve, et al.

I don't know how many ticket requests you have received so far for the
ba-list/audifans corral at the upcoming ALMS event at Sears Point.
However, I just received a notice that the NorCal Audi Club is doing just
this and while space is limited I think perhaps combining the two efforts
into one makes a lot of sense.  Let me know what you (and other ba-listers)
think.  If you did not receive the needed 20 tix requests then perhaps
the NorCal Audi Club corral would be a good fallback.

For those who are not familiar with NorCal Audi Club, check out their
web site:


The NorCal Audi Club's membership simply involves joining their yahoogroups
mailing list.  There is no charge and open to all Audi owners.  While
their membership currently primarily consists of the newer Audi models
(A4/S4/A6/TT, etc) they are not excluding older Audi models.  There is a
very large and active group and have frequent and fun events.

Below my .sig is their announcement.

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-----------X snip X------------

The NorCal Audi Club will be hitting the American LeMans Series Race 
on July 22nd (Sunday) in force.  You wanna join in the fun, see below:


Here's how the program will work for the NorCal Audi Club:

1. Purchase tickets through the Sears Point ticketing department at 
2. In order to receive the ALMS discounted ticket, refer to the Audi 
owners discount code.  In this case, the discount referral code is a 
lower case "b".   The discounted price is $40 for a 3-day ticket 
(Friday thru Sunday)

3. An Audi owner's car corral will be arranged for our group at Turn 
#2.  Please go to this area when you arrive at the track.  Due to 
space limitations, they can only accommodate 40 to 50 Audis in our 
Turn 2 area.  Therefore, we must treat this as a first-come first- 
served basis.  After the corral has been filled, remaining Audi 
owners will be asked to park at the next available general admission 
parking area.  So, if you want to be in the corral<85>show up very 
early.  They wish they could accommodate everybody, but we cannot.  
They already have the BMW and Corvette clubs coming.

4. Just an FYI on the individual day tickets.  If you want to just 
buy the one-day ticket, the standard pricing applies.

    Friday   $5
    Saturday  $20
    Sunday   $35


There will be a caravan leaving the South/East Bay at 7:15AM SHARP, 
on Sunday July 22nd from the Krispy Kreme Donut Shop in Union City 
(just off the 880 freeway <96> near Walmart).  Why are we leaving so 
early?  Because we can then ensure a spot in the corral. 

Hope to see you there.

Steve Sherwood/Sean Griffin
NorCal Audi Club

P.S. Many of us will also be attending the practice, qualify, and 
race sessions on Saturday July 21st.

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