[ba] Building 5000csTQ track car. Help, Opins. & Opts. wanted!

Dean Benz dbenz at usa.net
Sun Mar 11 18:05:02 EST 2001

This will be dedicated to the track, though maintaining registration so I can
drive it to events is a strong preference.

It's a '87 5000cs Turbo Quattro. The car has been in the family for years and
has had very good maintenace. Best bang for the buck is important in all
catgories, so please don't reccomend a $1000 solution that is only 5% better
than a $500 solution. Junk yard parts from other models etc. are valid

2Bennet in Davis, and perhaps German Motors in Lake Tahoe will be doing the
work I don't have the time or expertise to do, opinions on what they are good
at and who might be better for a specific task would be appreciated. (I'm in
Reno, NV)

Thanks in advance

Engine & Power related: I'd like to see 225+HP, more depending on cost. I
don't want HP/TQ only @ 5K+
	It just blew a head gasket, so it is being pulled rebuilt, and it will get a
new timing belt.
	Will check pistons, and block while it is off. anything else? 2nd knock
	ECU is stock. Leaning 2Bennet, but considering Intended Acceleration, and
SJM. Thoughts?
	2-piece exhaust manifold from the 1991 200T FWD??
	Turbo ubgrades? K-27 Cold side?
	Pull the Cat and Resonators? Other exhaust options? 3" down pipe?
	Relatively quiet, or quietable is a must since it will run at 90-92db tracks
	Bigger intercooler? Facory location not critical since AC will be coming out
	Has a Bernie Benz(My Dad) front strut bar.
	Any good options beside coilovers?
	The 2Bennet kit seams reasonable?
	Sway bars? I can't find any references for a rear. Bigger front?
	Anybody got a good starting point for a track alignment on this beast?
	Already has G60s, needs good pads to start.
	Stainless lines?
	BIRA Stage 2, or 6 fronts?
	Vented Rears from '91, 200TQ 20V, or  '90-94 V8?

What did I miss?

I'd appreciate hearing about anything you have done to your 10valve or 5k, and
what pitfalls to avoid


Dean Benz
dbenz at usa.net

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