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Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Mar 22 11:08:02 EST 2001

Wolff -

I happened to go again myself, on Tuesday... and I got down to a 32.08
best lap. The odd thing was that my heat was much slower than the first
time I went: I was second fastest here, where I'd been third to last the
last time.

A friend came along again and was slower by a second or so, and I asked
the guy there about how much weight affects your speed. He said the
fastest people weighed around 150 (my weight, coincidentally) but he
didn't think weight was a huge factor, maybe 0.1s per 10 lbs or so. I'd
be interested to see how we all would do if we carried enough ballast to
be equal.

We've got to have another get-together at SpeedRing!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 171k 

Wolff wrote:
> I went to speedring again last weekend. I managed to shave 2 seconds off my
> best time from the first time I went. Again I got in a fast group. I took 3
> friends with me and there was only one other person in the briefing besides
> us, so the other 5 drivers must have been veterans. My best lap this time
> was a 33.260 so Wallace's 32.7 doesn't look too shabby to me.
> My first timesheet can be found here:
> http://www.succulents.com/quattro/speedring/index.htm
> There was only one Audi in the parking lot this time, but about 15 Sunbeam
> Tigers showed up.
> Wolff
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