[ba] Totaled 200q20V and Insurance

Shayne P. quattroking at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 06:18:10 EST 2001

Hi Folk-

Hi, I am actually a NW list, but subscribed to the BA list two months ago
becuase I am moving Oakland/San Leandro to be with the woman I will wed next
spring.  I have met one or two of you and know there are some really savvy
folk in the BA so maybe you can offer advice on this issure:

I need to pick the collective brain.  My brilliant much younger brother of
age 18 decided on his 4th day of driving to run my mothers 200 into a ditch
and fence BACKWARD at over 105 MPH (short answer to your question is he was
racing an 1980's Toy Tercel [ROLF]).

My mom called me up to help, so I did, maybe to much.  I looked at the car
and found this:  Almost NO visible damage from 3 feet.

Cosmetic damage is basically paint and one VERY small dent.  The rear glass
is scratched up really good.

Non visible damage is limited to banged up cat casings.  Cats are fine.  I
just put new ones one.  No rattles.  There are a few scuffs of the under

Under the hood, just to right (standing in front) of the passengers strut
tower,  there is a stress crack on the part of the firewall the runs
parallel to the ground.  That was there before the accident but grew some
since.  There is a minor fission on the drivers side strut tower but I think
it is only cosmetic limited to the goop the factory puts on the tower to
hide the welds when the build the cars.

I had two body/paint just look at it and one mechanic who knows Audi's look
at it.  They both agree with me.  The insurance appraiser who is independent
of the insurance company (Chubb) noticed all of this stuff.  Unfortunately I
pointed all this stuff out to my mom.  Of course she shows the appraiser.

Well, after adding it up, the damage is $9370.00 (car was valued @
$9200.00).  Why?  They want to replace the firewall to fix that crack on the
passengers side.  That involves removing the motor and so on.

Two days before he did this stuff, I put new tires on it, new bushings in
the Sub-frame.  A mechanic put in a new rack.  The shocks are nearly new and
on and on and on.  They only Achilles heel is the bomb.  It is original at
148K miles.  All other problems were fixed.  She has had the car since
nearly new.  The rest of the car was BEAUTIFUL.  Looked like most 50K mile

So why the concern?  Big deal if they total it.  She buys it back, I fix it
and she has a great car.  BUT, the insurance may not insure it since it was
considered a total.  In fact, the independent appraiser told her the car was
unsafe to drive.  I am not sure why and she could not tell me his reasoning.
  I am sure he told the insurance co. this otherwise why would the not want
to insure it after she bought it back from them?

My questions are this:  Have any of you had this stress crack show up on the
passengers side?  I have seen one other but I want to find a trend here.
Also, do any of you have any words of advice when it comes to dealing with
the insurance co?

She does not want to get rid of the car.  I would like to help her keep it.

BTW, there are no plans to part it sorry :(

Thanx for the help,

Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL 4.5
1984 4ksq
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

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