[ba] Looking for Audi mechanic - possibly independent

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 11:37:02 EST 2001


ive had good luck with german auto salvage (walt and eddie) in berkeley,
burlingame independant in san mateo (jin and greg), and german motorsports
in fremont (paul) is ok too. all 3 come in at about 60/hr. i like burl indy
as the guys are really approachable, and cut deals + give you some breaks.
they also have lots of exp with vw.audi (they specialize in vag).

the others are excellant mechanics, but you get billed for every last minute
and lockwasher (i guess you cant really expect not to, but its nice to get a
break from time to time).

of course, theres always 2bennett, considered by many to be audi valhalla,
in davis. i always want to take my car there, but can usually not deal with
the hour ride.


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>I am looking for an Audi mechanic, possibly an independent one, in the San
>Francisco area.
>Does anyone have any suggestions or know of one?
>Thank you,
>Ted Maher
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