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Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Fri Nov 9 12:06:46 EST 2001

I second Jim at Burlingame Independent (formerly on Rollins road near
Broadway, now on North Amphlett..) If you are heading South on 101 you take
the Poplar ave exit (southbound only) and make an immediate left on N
Amphlett (which is like a frontage road for 101) and head south for a bit
you can see them..  I have not used them in a while, but they were
knowledgeable and fair. Plus they are not too far from San Fran..
My other shop is in Menlo Park  Dieters German car.. I have been going there
for 10 years.  They really pissed me off when they changed my clutch on the
T44 they automatically replace the slave MC with a clutch witch is fine, but
if they had just asked me I would have told them that they had already done
that 3 months prior..  They couldn't figure out the ABS sensor problem..
(which required more than just adjusting the sensors).. but they didn't have
any other problems with the clutch and a Timing belt on the T44.. they did a
head job on my T89 also.. So .... I give them a B
they are ok.. Fair .. and I know what to expect.. they aren't the greatest,
but they are competent and from what I heard last night.. they got a new
German mechanic there and supposedly he is pretty good..
I usually go for convenience with a mechanic.. Dieters is close and that
means a lot to me.. bye the way Burlingame indy made me angry last time
there cause they would n't splice an O2 sensor, and charged me 160 to change
the tranny and diff fluid (with my redline that I brought in)  I thought
that was kinda high..
That's it for me.. over and out..

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