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Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Mon Oct 1 11:42:06 EDT 2001

SNIP>>>>i went
with bilstein/hr, and its a bit too stiff sometimes. great around corners,
not so great on bad pavement....
>>>>>>>un snip...

I think the HR went a bit understated on that post... The HR springs will
add a LOT of stiffness to that equasion... if you are keeping the original
springs.. I don't think you will have to worry about too much stiffness...
TI Kan has a nice point about the adjustablility of the KONIS... but if this
car is going to go another 100k for you personally.. then maybe the LIFETIME
WARRANTEE of the Bilsteins may be the tickett.. ( i am not a representative
of any strut company// but maybe I should !!!)  If you are not going to keep
the car that long.. then it might be fun to fool around with the KONIS
adjustability.. and it might be a good selling point as well..

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