[ba] Audi will go the way of the dodo.

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at mac.com
Thu Oct 4 19:32:05 EDT 2001

So I know I'm new to Audi's having been an S4 owner for only 7 months, but
here's my experience to date so far....

 Bought the car, was very happy with it. Called for first service, was told
they had a slot available in 2 weeks. mentioned I commuted 75 miles each
day. They said not to worry.
Got the car back, Car has been working great. Drove it alot. Needs 5000 mile
service, was told the quickest they could get it in was 11 days, hey better
than 2 weeks, guess I can wait. Drove between Colorado and California,
needed the 10,000 service, called and scheduled an appointment, wow shocker
of shockers, 5 day wait.

Moved back to California, added another 8K miles to the car in 1  month.
Car needs the 20K service, was told a month and a half, pointed out by the
time the scheduled date would show up, I'd add another 6K miles on it, based
on my current commute schedule.

Dealerships response was, don't drive the car if your worried about it.You
can leave the car here and if we can find an opening we'd fit it in. Great,
too bad it's my only car.

Had to drive back to Colorado, to sign paperwork for house. Wonderful drive,
right up until the transmission decided that it didn't like 1st or 2nd
anymore. Almost impossible to shift.
In fine Audi Service tradition, not a single Audi dealer within 500 miles of
Tucson AZ can look at my car in anything short of a week, the worst was over
a month. Car now has 27,000 miles on it, and it has had, a new oil pan, the
front end ripped out to adjust the caster on the front to fix the alignment,
a new ECU to fix a faulty error condition, and the window seals replaced
because they sounded like fingernails on chalk when you rolled down the

My conclusion? Don't buy an Audi as a primary car. If it ever breaks, you're
Audi is a collection of dealerships, that are independantly owned, and
operated and
as such, cannot guarantee your car will even get looked at before you die of
old age.
It's sad to pay near 50K for a car, that you cannot get serviced with the
professionalisim and timeliness that you can with a 30K Lexus.

Count me out of the Audi is great catagory, Audi is just another car dealer,
who can't seem to get their act together on what to do once they've sold you
the car.

Just as a thought, I called the local Lexus dealer, asked what his wait for
service was,
he said 3 days.


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