[ba] Audi will go the way of the dodo.

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Thu Oct 4 20:43:14 EDT 2001

Kevyn, unfortuantely, you are right, Audi had a year of record sales, and it has been desperately trying to play catchup with demand, parts availability is no better.  

I worked in the industry for a few years, not worth the stress, especially when so many things are out of your hands.

I drive an older Audi, work on it myself, cost me less than $3k not including all the modifications I have performed.  The newer cars are a whole nother story, but I suspect your experience is worst than most.

Javad Shadzi

In a message dated Thu, 4 Oct 2001  6:46:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Kevyn Shortell" <kevyn at mac.com> writes:

> So I know I'm new to Audi's having been an S4 owner for only 7 months, but
> here's my experience to date so far....
>  Bought the car, was very happy with it. Called for first service, was told
> they had a slot available in 2 weeks. mentioned I commuted 75 miles each
> day. They said not to worry.
> Got the car back, Car has been working great. Drove it alot. Needs 5000 mile
> service, was told the quickest they could get it in was 11 days, hey better
> than 2 weeks, guess I can wait. Drove between Colorado and California,
> needed the 10,000 service, called and scheduled an appointment, wow shocker
> of shockers, 5 day wait.
> Moved back to California, added another 8K miles to the car in 1  month.
> Car needs the 20K service, was told a month and a half, pointed out by the
> time the scheduled date would show up, I'd add another 6K miles on it, based
> on my current commute schedule.
> Dealerships response was, don't drive the car if your worried about it.You
> can leave the car here and if we can find an opening we'd fit it in. Great,
> too bad it's my only car.
> Had to drive back to Colorado, to sign paperwork for house. Wonderful drive,
> right up until the transmission decided that it didn't like 1st or 2nd
> anymore. Almost impossible to shift.
> In fine Audi Service tradition, not a single Audi dealer within 500 miles of
> Tucson AZ can look at my car in anything short of a week, the worst was over
> a month. Car now has 27,000 miles on it, and it has had, a new oil pan, the
> front end ripped out to adjust the caster on the front to fix the alignment,
> a new ECU to fix a faulty error condition, and the window seals replaced
> because they sounded like fingernails on chalk when you rolled down the
> windows...
> My conclusion? Don't buy an Audi as a primary car. If it ever breaks, you're
> screwed.
> Audi is a collection of dealerships, that are independantly owned, and
> operated and
> as such, cannot guarantee your car will even get looked at before you die of
> old age.
> It's sad to pay near 50K for a car, that you cannot get serviced with the
> professionalisim and timeliness that you can with a 30K Lexus.
> Count me out of the Audi is great catagory, Audi is just another car dealer,
> who can't seem to get their act together on what to do once they've sold you
> the car.
> Just as a thought, I called the local Lexus dealer, asked what his wait for
> service was,
> he said 3 days.
> Kevyn
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