[ba] Audi will go the way of the dodo.

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Sat Oct 6 03:26:17 EDT 2001

 you are a driving machine... Its a shame that that you have had so much
trouble with your car..  I am in the same boat as Javad.. I drive older
Audis. untill recently the newest one i had was a 90 coupe .. now i have a
nice 96 a6 avant.....  I tell you with all the electricals on newer cars..
they are bound to cause some problems.. A friend with a new corvette has
major electrical isssues as well so I don't think Audi is the only one with
this problem..  alas still... what a bummer.. i wonder if that is why there
are so many S4's for sale right now.. i assumed it was the economy..

Another friend of mine has a 98 A6 q .. the cd player stopped working and it
took 2 months to get a replacement unit..

As far as service goes.. I would think you would have tried to plan ahead
after the first 2 week lead time.. either that or try another dealership.. I
know Carlson is going 2 shifts to help service.. Obviously this is not

Sorry to hear your bad experience.. Its tough especially for a new guy to
Audis, to get hooked on the cars when you have that kind of experience.. All
I can say is that I have been driving them for almost 15 years.. my dad used
to have an Audi dealership when I was a kid.. I have  had  a few cars that
required a bunch of work (82 coupe, 89 80q and 90 Coupe Q) Interspurced with
some very reliable (almost bulletproof) 87 5000csqa,85 4000csq, and my 96A6
(Havent had it long enough to have problems)  So at times the car has driven
me up a wall... But over all I just love them...

I just hope that in all the success that Audi has gotten recently.. it
doesn't comprimise the quality of the car going out the factory.. If that is
the case then it will be a repeat of unintended acceleration which will be
good for guys like me .. who buy the car used .. work on them as much as
possible.. and reap the benefits of a "SOFT" car.. not to mention the amount
of inexpensive and readily available parts...  I have to say its nice paying
6500 for a car that cost 40 grand originally... So there is good and Bad..

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