[ba] Intro; quattro seeks abuse

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Thu Oct 18 01:57:02 EDT 2001

I've come for advice about the future of Helmut der quattro, my 84 
4000. He's got >200,000 miles, some body damage and quite a bit of 
wear and tear, but still runs well. I've started to modify it for off 
road use, but wondering how much use I'll get out of it. Are there 
rally races around here? Anybody know how to get a 4000 with a turbo 
to pass a smog test without establishing residency in Nevada? What 
other bay area cops will pull you over just for driving a yellow car 
(besides Palo Alto)? Is Huw on this list? If you're wondering whether 
I'm serious about this, look at 
http://lah-electra.stanford.edu/cars/helmut.html and 

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