[ba] My '86 5kcstq for sale

Cassidy Bolger cassidybolger at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 19 00:45:01 EDT 2001

I am sad to announce that I have posted my 1986 5000cstq (155,000) for sale 
on Audifans.com.  This car is like a family member; my dad ordered it new 
from the factory.  (I took it to the junior prom in 1989 for cryin' out 
loud!)  I moved to San Francisco last year, and life in the city with no 
garage is no place for this trusty quattro so I have decided to let it go.  
The listing on Audifans.com has all of the pertinent info.  Feel free to 
give me call at home or zap me an email if anyone is looking.  Asking price 
is currently $2500.00.

Cassidy Bolger
San Francisco
1986 5000cstq
cassidybolger at hotmai.com

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