[ba] My '86 5kcstq for sale

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at mac.com
Fri Oct 19 00:52:03 EDT 2001

Hi Cassidy,

Sorry to hear your selling it, but you should fix your url at the bottom, it
has the wrong email in your sig =)

Hope you sell it soon for what you want for it!

-01 S4A (roaming the South Bay)

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Subject: [ba] My '86 5kcstq for sale

> I am sad to announce that I have posted my 1986 5000cstq (155,000) for
> on Audifans.com.  This car is like a family member; my dad ordered it new
> from the factory.  (I took it to the junior prom in 1989 for cryin' out
> loud!)  I moved to San Francisco last year, and life in the city with no
> garage is no place for this trusty quattro so I have decided to let it go.
> The listing on Audifans.com has all of the pertinent info.  Feel free to
> give me call at home or zap me an email if anyone is looking.  Asking
> is currently $2500.00.
> Cassidy Bolger
> San Francisco
> 1986 5000cstq
> 415-351-2998
> cassidybolger at hotmai.com
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