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Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 03:14:05 EDT 2001

Actually, the numbers sound just about right to me.

1)  Consumer Reports and Ward's Automotive Digest both
recently reported that the "typical" American family
purchases vehicles that cost 1/2 the family's annual

2)  Nationwide average salaries for engineers with
five years' experience is 60k.  In the Bay area, it's
80k - 100k (I know - I lose engineers to The Bay area
for this reason).  That's a 26-27 year old.

3)  So, if a married couple has two engineering
salaries, they're earning 120k per year if they're in
the mid to late twenties.  Half of that works out to a
brand new S4 for one of them, and a very nice A4 1.8T
for the other one.

Sadly, some of us aren't so well off--Despite living
where costs are nearly what they are in the bay, I'm
employed by a company that "don't have to keep up with
no stinkin' averages" !  And I've just never been bold
enough to buy a car worth half my income.  Yecch! 
'specially one what's gonna take two house payments
per year to maintain.



--- jim rose <sf5ktq at hotmail.com> wrote:
> i dont know too many 20-30 (25-30 and you're closer
> - but 20-25 year old's 
> who can buy THEMSELVES a 40 thousand dollar car?,
> c'mon!) year olds with the 
> income to swing an s4. i know a WHOLE lot more 30-40
> year olds who could 
> realistically buy one.
> barring the rather warped age-income ratio's in teh
> bay area, i think that 
> theure prolly right on if you look at it nationally.
> but i couldnt agreee more about the mustang thing :)
> -jim

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