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Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed Sep 5 15:23:11 EDT 2001

... sorry to havee been a bit confusing in my earlier reply ... I was in a
bit of a hurry ... as I am now!  :)  The reservoir that mounts tot he brake
M/C has two individual chambers ... one that feeds each half of the M/C.
When you open the cap you have direct access to the rear chamber ... all the
way down to the back side of the nipple that plugs into the grommet.  You
don't have anywhere near this access to the front chamber ... so you either
live with the little bit of fluid there when bleeding, or you pull the
reservoir off the M/C and drip brake fluid about under the hood if you're
not careful ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA) 

... now I'm off to see the ALMS cars in downtown San Jose!

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> steve,
> thanx a ton. i siphoned the res as best i could with a turkey 
> baster than i 
> dont plan on reusing for turkey.
> what rear reservior? are yo referring to the fluid reserve in 
> the master 
> cylinder?
> i checked for brakejuice at all the prop valves and anti-lock 
> doodads, under 
> powerbleed pressure, to make sure the juice is getting to all 
> the calipers, 
> and  rebled the whole thing tonight, all careful-like 
> according to bentley, 
> includng "pumping the pedal while bleedign the RR", after i 
> had bled all 4 
> corners.
> still have sponges in my pedal. ive run a litre + 1/2 of 
> juice thru it and 
> im still comin up short. i may be buying time to have it 
> done, but i feel so 
> close. WHY is this so hard? ive bled a gazillion (okay, 
> several) cars brakes 
> and never had this happen ?!?!?
> anyone who can tell me what im overlooking would be my 
> most-favorite audi 
> friend for at least a day....
> oh, i didnt bleed the clutch. could that be it? no mention of 
> this in the 
> archives....
> jim
> >
> >... Assuming that you drain the reservoir before starting 
> you aren't going
> >to need anywhere near that much fluid to flush the system.  
> Unfortunately,
> >to completely drain the reservoir you have to pop it off the 
> top of the
> >brake M/C ... which may screw up the grommets.  I usually 
> just use the
> >MityVac to draw down the rear reservoir and live with the 
> spooge in the
> >front.
> >
> >Don't forget to bleed the clutch if you've got an MT ...
> >
> >Steve Buchholz
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