[ba] New Noise, Can't Find It Tho, Any Help Please?

Ken bowzah at worldnet.att.net
Thu Sep 6 02:47:03 EDT 2001

i got a thud noise hitting down twards the pedal area when i disengage the clutch on my 1980 audi 4000, i can't find where its coming from, it sounds like a peice of somethign heavy is hitting the chassis but i checked the muffler pipe and it was pretty sturdy, not sure what else to check mabey the motor mounts?

the transmission i have in there is not the original i had to have the body modified for it to fit there, but that was a couple months ago, and i just started getting the noise when i accidently (yes accidently) pop'd the clutch pretty bad and had the wheels spinning hard enough to have smoke follow and the front end swerve out of control, but it also only seems to happen in first gear or second gear and i pull up the clutch.

if this makes sense to anyone, any idea what i should look at, i check the clutch cable and there is only a little bit of free play which is normal, and i checked the transmission also no problems visually.

ill check the motor mounts tomorrow almost sounds as if it could be them.

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