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Ken bowzah at worldnet.att.net
Tue Sep 18 09:19:04 EDT 2001

I have a set of blau speakers in my car 3way in the back 2 way in the front, when i turn it up more then 50% of the max volume my speakers start to crackle if too much bass is there and i need to turn the bass down, i asked a coupe guys one at pacific stereo and one at radio shack, and they both said my speakers are blow, but i think they are full of crap because if they where blown they wouldn't sound as good as they do and the crackling wouldn't stop if i turned down the bass, any ways the point im trying to get at is can i add a amp or EQ to the system to fix this (the bass crackle when up high) or do i need to get a woofer which i do not really want? i have a blau santi monica cd player and a 10 disc blau changer also.

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