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after i sent the email i thought i should have put the speaker sizes, the
front are 3.5 90 watts max power and the back are 5x7" 150 max power and the
cd player is only 40wX4 i have the loudness all the way up and the bass at
+2 and the treb at +2 also but it only happens on certain songs, some songs
i can have the bass up enough to rattle my rear view mirror all over the
place. would a 50w amp do or should i go with 100w, also i have a 14" woofer
i just don't really want that if i don't have to, i just want it clear but
with a good amount of bass on EVERYTHING i listen to.

It May be the wiring also, everything in the car seems to share a common
circuit, like when i have the radio going with with the bass up my needles
on my voltage and oil temp gauge moves along with the beat =P

1980 4DR 4K
San Jose, CA
Weekend Night Loc.- Blossom Hill/Union/Campbell Ave.

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> ken,
> it's a little tough to tell w/out knowing what size speaker's they are,
> what your "normal" listening levels/bass/treble settings are. if it's a 5"
> speaker, and youve got the "loudness" on, and the bass up (as so many
> i know do..) then sure, it will poop and fart its brains out at half
> if its a 6x9, and youve got all the settings at a more reasonable level,
> then it  may be "blown".  usually, you can tell at moderate levels if a
> speaker is bad - it will sound "scratchy" and or buzzy, etc on certain
> songs/sounds.
> there are other factors - speaker age, power of amplifier (all built-in
> radio amplifiers pretty much suck) and like i said - how you listen. tryin
> to get 15 inches of bass from a 5 inch speaker will kill it fast!
> adding an external amplifier will make a huge difference (the speaker may
> still be bad, but...) on any speaker for 2 reasons - 1 is a vastly better
> circuit design and parts quality, i.e. "real" power, the other is the
> ability to tell the amplifier which frequencies go to which speakers
> (electronic crossover). this keeps the bass out of the mid/tweeter and the
> upper frequencies out of the woofer, greattly inproving system efficiency,
> overall power output + power "handling" (such a misleading term...)  of
> speakers as well as sounding a SHITLOAD better (thats the real reason).
> take it to a good car audio shop and have them listen to it - they should
> able to tell (franks of berkeley is a great shop...)
> get a 4 channell amp with crossover, 40-80 wpc, a good set of front
> separates (boston, ads, whatever) and a 12" woofer in a small sealed
> enclosure and youll be happier than a pig in poo. forget the eq - unless
> go 1/3rd octave or REALLY nice parametric, theyre more trouble than their
> worth, imo.
> unless you're trying to win contests, impress y our neighbors or break
> windows. in which case i cant help you =)
> hope that helps...
> btw - all of this is easy enough to do yourself if youre careful, patient
> and neat. just like anyhting.
> -jim
> >
> >I have a set of blau speakers in my car 3way in the back 2 way in the
> >front, when i turn it up more then 50% of the max volume my speakers
> >to crackle if too much bass is there and i need to turn the bass down, i
> >asked a coupe guys one at pacific stereo and one at radio shack, and they
> >both said my speakers are blow, but i think they are full of crap because
> >if they where blown they wouldn't sound as good as they do and the
> >crackling wouldn't stop if i turned down the bass, any ways the point im
> >trying to get at is can i add a amp or EQ to the system to fix this (the
> >bass crackle when up high) or do i need to get a woofer which i do not
> >really want? i have a blau santi monica cd player and a 10 disc blau
> >changer also.
> >
> >1980 4DR 4K
> >Ken
> >San Jose, CA
> >Weekend Night Loc.- Blossom Hill/Union/Campbell Ave.
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