[ba] BA source for low cost parts?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Sep 19 15:06:03 EDT 2001

audion writes:
> Just joined the list.
> Is there a listing anywhere of the BA Audi resources?
> Dismantlers, low cost replacement parts etc.
> I need a new set of positive and negative cable harnesses and the dealer
> pricing is $161.

Try http://www.thepartsconnection.com or http://www.audiquattroparts.com
These are not BA sources, but have really good prices.

I don't recommend junk yards for thess sorts of items.  Also, if you
buy parts from the Carlsen Audi parts department and mention you're
with the "Internet quattro list" you'll get a discount.

> I may also need a rebuilt or used right power window assembly unless someone
> has a crib sheet on overhauling the existing assembly. It still operates but
> very slowly and needs physical help to get the window back up.

Ditto with these, but you may also find good new window regulators at
Wolfsport in Berkeley.

The really big dismantlers are in Sacramento area, but you might check
your yellow pages under "Automobile Parts - Recyclers & Dismantlers"
for local ones.  San Jose has a couple that have some Audis -- A-German
and European Specialties.

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