[ba] Looking for shock recommendations

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Sep 29 05:06:03 EDT 2001

audion writes:
> The Balufen site has Bilsteins for $119. I know of the name but not what
> their known characteristics are. I put KYB gas-struts on a Volksie bus years
> ago and did not like the increased stiffness.

Check into Koni.  Please realize that most of these aftermarket shocks
are geared toward more performance, and thus there is going to be
increased stiffness.  However, Konis are adjustable and can be set in
a relatively soft setting (still stiffer than stock, though).

For a local outfit, try New Dimensions.  They don't list many apps for
old Audis on their web site, but they can order stuff and install for
you if you go in and have a talk with their guys.

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