urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 2 09:50:44 EST 2002

... Sunday wouldn't work particularly well for me ... especially since we
want to try to do something early to minimize traffic.  I just tossed out
the day, so perhaps some other Saturday would work better for folks.  I know
the Sears Point ALMS race is coming up soon though too ...

I've been thinking about routes ... there's another interesting way to get
there from highway 84 which I can detail if any are interested in going that
way ...

I suppose the other thing to talk about is comm ... I assume that FRS will
be the mode ... what channel and code will we use?  I don't know how far
we'll be able to talk in the hills though ...

Steve Buchholz
> I've got plans most of Saturday 4/20, but I'm free Sunday 4/21 after
> 11:00 or so. Hope we can find an workable time for all...

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