[ba] Chip Upgrade / Roll Cage / Employment? =)

[^_^]    thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 17 16:50:43 EDT 2002

Ive posted here a long while back (my email was r4r3f0rm at webtv.net then) And
im still looking for an 85-87 Audi 4000 Quattro chip upgrade!
Some updated info for the people that remember me, my 86 4kCS Q project is
off and running. Recently ve began to pour money into it before *damn* i got
laid off from my job. Downsizing is horrible! But before the lay off
commensed i had exhaust, air intke, air filter, throttle body, and some
other minor adjustments made. Finished up on the grill too, it looks pretty
godly. Next me's suspension (it needs it bad!!!)
Also anyone know of a company and / or shop that can build a bolt in roll
cage, ive removed the rear seat and am still debating of having the rear
door's welded shut or not, but none the less ive been looking for a bolt in
cage and havent come accross any yet.

Heh anybody hiring? hehehe i have shipping / recieving, data entry, and
computer skills. And a ... clean driving record? hahaha

- Johnny
WWWWWWWhite 86 4kCS Q

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