[ba] !weight reduction! (And reply to chip upgrde)

[^_^]    thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 20 03:40:07 EDT 2002

Im trying to get the weight on my 86 4kCS quat down to a minimum so im
wondering what exactly i can remove without disrupting the momentum of the
Im pretty much at the point of ... creature comforts? what are those??
hahaha... the only comfort ill have is my stereo which i cannot live without
(being ADHD i HAVE to have something to listen to or do or ill go crazy) so
what exactly engine compartment, undercarrage, interior, and anything else
can i get rid of.

Side note, i would also like to remove the rear window motors but im unsure
as to how i can accomplish this without having my windows drop to the bottom
of the door...

And in response to the "no non-turbo chip upgrade" I know for a fact there
is an ECU mod that simply removes the rev limiter set @ 6200rpm which is
what im looking for. No HP boost necessary.


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