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Tue Apr 23 17:01:01 EDT 2002

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I thought ide just ask what you guy's think the selling price of my 86 Audi=
 4000CS Quattro should be. Im not selling (unless the money is right with a=
n offer) but im just curious.
What it has done so far:

272 Degree Schrick cam

Air intake box modification w/ K&N

throttle body modification

custom exhaust (cat back to turbo muffler w/ custom tip)

custom rear end

custom paint (no more black trim, all is solid white.)

a/c removed, rear seat removed for cage installation,  removed Accelerate's=
 Under Demonic Impression device (cruise control unit hahaha), windshield w=
asher fluid pump/resevoir removed, rear antenna/motor removed, uses barely =
any oil, all diff. seals in good condition. Everything works fine, some doo=
r handle problems but what audi doesnt have them. Only problems are as list=

Cracked windshield

Squishy suspension

Needs new tires pretty soon.

Passenger door handle wont unlock/open the door, but electronic locks still=
 unlock and can open passenger door from inside.

Needs some interior work.

im just trying to get a general idea of how much if i were to want to sell =
the car should i list it for. Let me know! ty,

-JohnnyGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer=

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