[ba] Re: 4kQ selling price?

Motor Sport Visions Photography msvphoto at pacbell.net
Wed Apr 24 13:40:07 EDT 2002

thesonofdeath at hotmail.com writes:

> I thought ide just ask what you guy's think the selling price of my 86 Audi=
>  4000CS Quattro should be. Im not selling (unless the money is right with a=
> n offer) but im just curious.
> What it has done so far:
> 272 Degree Schrick cam
> Air intake box modification w/ K&N
> throttle body modification
> custom exhaust (cat back to turbo muffler w/ custom tip)
> custom rear end
> custom paint (no more black trim, all is solid white.)
> a/c removed, rear seat removed for cage installation,  removed Accelerate's=
>  Under Demonic Impression device (cruise control unit hahaha), windshield w=
> asher fluid pump/resevoir removed, rear antenna/motor removed, uses barely =
> any oil, all diff. seals in good condition. Everything works fine, some doo=
> r handle problems but what audi doesnt have them. Only problems are as list=
> ed:
> Cracked windshield
> Squishy suspension
> Needs new tires pretty soon.
> Passenger door handle wont unlock/open the door, but electronic locks still=
>  unlock and can open passenger door from inside.
> Needs some interior work.
> im just trying to get a general idea of how much if i were to want to sell =
> the car should i list it for. Let me know! ty,

Probably not much. From your description (which doesn't really get into
miles or condition) I'm guessing less than $1000.00.

I just payed $1500.00 for an '86 4kq with 145k miles with a nice
interior, okay body (a few small issues and faded original Zermatt
Silver paint), cracked windshield, new clutch, new H&R Springs, new
Bilstein Sports, new suspension bushings and strut mounts, new Yokohama
AVS tires, in-dash CD, and many other new parts done by the PO over the
last 10k miles. Despite having two turbo cars with double the
horsepower, this is my favorite car to drive simply because it handles
soooo darned good and is so fun to drive.

No door handle problems, everything works (except AC blows
luke-warm...cool but not cold, needs a charge, compressors tries and
cuts out).

Sounds like a project car that would be better to complete than bail out
of to me.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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