[ba] Looking for some 16" rims

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Apr 25 04:10:15 EDT 2002

> And quick question: I Know about the big Audi Fest that was the 100 year
> anniversery that took place at laguna seca raceway, im just wondering when
> another get togather of that magnitude will take place and when?

As much as we'd all like to see another event like it, the 1999
Monterey Historics was *the* Audi gathering in the USA, and will
not likely to be repeated in a long, long time.  There isn't an
occasion quite like it, with Auto Union being the featured marque
at the Historics and Audi (actually Horch) celebrating its 100th
Anniversary.  Both Audi AG and the Quattro Club pulled out all the
stops on that one, and made it one memorable Audifest for everyone
who attended.

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