[ba] 5 cylinder water pump reliability

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 26 18:12:24 EDT 2002

An OEM unit would be expected to last at least as long a timing belt,
so it's worth the money. However- are you sure it's not the idler
pulley squealing?

>It looks like I may need to switch out the water pump again after only 2.5
>years of use and light mileage. I know the last couple have been sourced in
>the 3rd party aftermarket and I'm wondering if there is any real benefit to
>using the Audi OEM unit. At this point I'm ready to spend factory pricing
>for the parts if there's a reliability benefit. I've been listening to a
>squealing pulley on the existing unit since it was installed ( the noise
>manifests when the engine gets hot).
>Thanks for tips/info.
>Michael Heth
>Web Information Architect

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