[ba] Time to say good bye to an old friend: '87 5kcstw

Audirod at aol.com Audirod at aol.com
Sun Apr 28 14:50:08 EDT 2002

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Bay area group.
This is Rod Michaelson.  I've stayed off line from many months.  I've been an
Audi owner now for several (8) years.
Yesterday, my wife and I broke down and went out and got our new '02 A4
Avant.  Very nice car.  3.0L, Tiptronic, sport package, silver with black
leather and all the goodies.
Along with my '95 90 quattro sport,  '91 90cs, '72 Super 90, I have my old
friend: 1987 5000 cs turbo quattro avant.
If you know any one who wants a very good example of this rare wagon, have
them e-mail me.  For those of you that were at the Audi Historics in Laguna
Seca, the wagon was the dark gray one with black leather.  It has a 2Bennett
chip, high performance shocks, rebuilt upper end, uses NO oil and drives
great.  Nice aftermarket stereo, Hella fog lamps, almost new head lights and
many other items.  Car has 271,000 pampered miles with records going back to
day one.
Andrew at 2Bennett looked over the car a couple weeks ago and found only worn
upper strut mounts.  Brake warning light came on this week.  Might need brake
booster replace.  Not sure.
I'll take digital pictures if anyone is interested.
  The '91 90 goes to my daughter in college. I got the '72 Super 90 to
restore but after seeing the costs and effort to accomplish a good
restoration, I have to decided it will be sent to scrap yard.
Down to two Audis.  Right now I had five!
Any help would be appreciated.
Audirod at aol.com

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