[ba] inline 5 question

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Apr 28 22:40:05 EDT 2002

> Im looking into some projects ide like to take on and have a question. With
> inverted inline engine's, i.e. the engine is sitting sideways accross the
> front of the car rather then down one side of it, i was wondering how would
> i convert an audi's inline 5 to sit sideways instead of in a line. The car
> ide like to squeez the engine into requires the engine to be sideways and
> not in a line so im trying to ask whoever that has done engine work on
> thing's of this nature for any information on even if its possible or not.
> Ty much!

It's not so much a function of the engine itself, but the design of
the transaxle that makes an application longitudinal or transverse.
There is no easy way to turn a longitudinal engined Audi into a
transverse orientation.  The Audi gearbox is not designed for a
transverse engine.  Anything is possible, of course, given enough
knowhow, components from other car models, custom fabrication, time,
effort and money.  But the fact that you're asking a question of this
nature leads me to believe that a project like this is going to be
way over your head.

Not to mention the basic question, why would you want to do something
like that?

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